Monday, 24 September 2012

Steam Cleaning Guides and Tips: Walls

Here are some useful guides and tips on steam cleaning walls.

Wall and Ceilings Cleaning
  • Vents
    Steam volume level – Medium to high (½ turn – fully open)
    Tools needed – Large brush with towel, nozzle and extension tubes
How to steam clean
With the use of large brush with towel, wipe vent surface. If necessary, pre-treat with extended nozzle. Use nozzle with nozzle brush and towel for cleaning louvered vents.

  • Wall Painted, Wood Paneling and Acoustical Tile
Steam volume level – Low (¼turn)
Tools needed – Large or triangular brush with towel and extension tubes

How to steam clean
These kinds of walls are heat sensitive. Remember to always use 2 to 3 layers of towel on brushes when cleaning these surfaces. Do not stay on an area too long. Treat once, let it cool and treat again. Heavily soiled areas, pre-steam with nozzle 6" from surface and then use brush with clip towel. On steam cleaning wood paneling, move quickly and check towel surface for color transfer. 

  • Wallpaper Removal
Steam volume level – Low (¼turn)
Tools needed – Large Steam lance or nozzle, stripper and triangular brush

How to steam clean 
Use nozzle or steam lance on seams.  On large areas, use wallpaper stripper and then a triangular brush with towel to remove residual paste.

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